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Comics by Mike Freiheit

Go Fuck Myself! The Fuckpendium
A sardonic screwball adventure depicting humanity’s trials and tribulations as its protagonist fumbles in and out of space and time.
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A horror story that confronts the traumas surrounding a loved one’s battles with mental illness, questions the struggle of individual engagement in the collective, and imagines the possibilities of a world that transcends beyond earthly understanding.

Monkey Chef: A Love Story
An autobiographical account of Mike’s time at a South African primate sanctuary, dealing with travel, loneliness, romance, toxic masculinity, and our connection to the animals and world around us.
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Jonestown story in AMERICAN CULT anthology
Written by Ryan Carey and Edited by Robyn Chapman

Hey, Fatty! for Buzzfeed

Tales of Freelancia

Comics for Current Affairs

Go Fuck Myself! The Fuckening