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New Work for the Globe and Mail


Here’s a new piece I was recently contacted to do for the Globe and Mail. I was again able to work with the fantastic art director Matthew French.The story was about a man who is reluctant to become the cycling coach of a group of young African boys in Windhoek, Namibia.

I haven’t ever posted my sketches before, so I thought I’d go ahead and show the sketches that I submitted to Matt.

I really, really hate wasting paper, and also having to erase/draw/erase until I get the sketch exactly right, so all of my sketches I now usually do on the computer, so it’s much easier to revise without a lot of hassle (not to mention all those eraser bits on the floor!)












Matthew was most interested in sketches #3 and #4, so I went with sketch #3 because of the stacked figures and unique way it might interact with the text in the final design.


Globe and Mail Bike



You can check out the article here. Thanks for reading!

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